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Immediate Opening for Civil Engineer or Land Survey Intern



Project Delivery Group is looking for talented and highly motivated Interns who want great opportunities to learn and expand their skills.  PDG is a growing, innovative, and resilient civil engineering, land surveying and planning firm with energetic team members who are passionate about our professions, the success of our clients, the quality of our work, and about building a good life and company together.


At PDG, there is never a dull moment because we love doing cool things other firms won’t attempt!  We maintain an informal, upbeat, office built around hard work, teamwork, client needs, and growth.  PDG team members care more about doing it right than watching the clock, continually seek opportunities to learn something new or find a more efficient approach, and invest time to maximize our learning opportunities.



PDG Internship Program:


Our three-level internship program allows individuals to spend up to 4 months with us at different times.  The levels build learning, exposure, and responsibility for interns, with increasing client support and compensation for interns.  Ideally, this program will help PDG develop skilled individuals who will permanently join our team upon completing formal training or degree programs.


  • Unpaid Internship – An unpaid internship gives individuals the opportunity to increase technical skills and learn basic work and communication practices.  Interns will receive one-on-one training throughout the duration of the internship.  Training will focus on development of basic software skills, communication skills, project support activities, exposure to construction documents and terminology, and work practices and requirements expected in the industry


  • Paid Internship – The paid internship is intended to provide support while an intern dedicates time needed to develop technical and workplace skills and the ability to complete assignments with strong support to a level appropriate for delivery to clients.  Paid internships are available to individuals with skills and work practices necessary to be assigned to perform semi-independent work on billable projects with deadlines.  Individuals in this position will continue to receive high value training and exposure to workplace practices and requirements.


  • Senior Paid Internship – The senior paid internship is available to a paid intern with proven technical knowledge, workplace skills and the ability to complete assignments with work quality and timing appropriate to meeting basic client needs.  These interns will be supported by strong QA/QC reviews, receive specific feedback needed to build basic job skills, but receive minimal task specific support.  Individuals in this position will typically be transitioning to full employment with PDG upon graduation and will be paid based on the Level 1 compensation for PDG employees.


Selection Process

Respond with a letter describing your goals for an internship; the PDG internship you are seeking this year; a description of the skills and abilities you will currently provide to PDG, a statement about why you are interested in PDG and why we should select you for our internship program; your career interests and goals; your availability and any constraints surrounding an internship schedule; your desired compensation (if appropriate) and your contact information to



200 Hawthorne Ave SE, Suite A-100

Salem, Oregon  97301


1890 Park Marina Drive, Suite 210

Redding, CA 96001