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In the Civil Engineering field, we emphasize three key principles. First, we recognize the project scope and goals, budget, and schedule must be balanced. We take responsibility for collaboration with stakeholders to understand the needs of a project and developing reasonable expectations consistent with the financial and time constraints.

The second principle is timely performance. This is critical to the overall opinion of the team’s performance, especially when public projects are perceived to take “longer than they should”. The PDG commitment is to develop an achievable schedule that does not inappropriately add risk to the budget or quality of a project.

Our third key principle is to keep the interest of the project at the forefront. We take pride in our creative, “out of the box” solutions to project issues. Whether the issue is technical or procedural, we utilize a value analysis approach to develop solutions. If we simply selected the typical solutions, time after time, we would not add the value to the design process our clients need or deserve. As a result, we will deliver sound solutions, serving the interest of the project.

Using our approach of emphasizing these three key principles, we successfully deliver projects for both public and private sector clients. The projects we deliver are not our projects. They belong to, and meet the needs of our clients. We take this difference very seriously and use it to develop a delivery approach customized to each client and each project.

Our Civil Engineering services include the design of erosion and sediment control, site grading and drainage, utility service and access improvements. We will work with the governing jurisdictions to secure approval for construction.




PDG staff has extensive design experience in all areas of the Civil Engineering discipline. This experience includes numerous projects in the following areas:


  • Planning and design of residential and commercial subdivisions
  • Site grading and drainage design for commercial, subdivision, parks
  • Structural design using timber, steel, masonry, and concrete
  • Public infrastructure for residential and commercial subdivisions
  • Public street design in functional classifications from local to major arterial
  • Planning and design of retaining walls and multi-use urban trails
  • Public infrastructure for residential and commercial subdivisions
  • Wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment design and construction
  • Design of regional and on-site stormwater detention facilities
  • Water storage, pumping, and distribution facilities
  • Construction oversight and Project Management
  • Coordination and acquisition of city, county, state and federal approvals and permits




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